Be a Volunteer

Volunteers have been at the core of Calcutta Rescue since Dr Jack’s very first street clinic and we continue to welcome professionals from around the globe. During the past thirty two years, the medical volunteer role has changed dramatically. In the early years, the medical volunteer performed the job with assistance from the local Indian staff. Now, the volunteer’s role is more supervisory than ‘hands on’, bringing advice, up to date techniques and evaluation skills to the Calcutta Rescue team as appropriate.
Volunteering with Calcutta Rescue brings so many rewards – you become part of a family, learn to value all you have, make surprisingly intense and special friendships, work hard and have great fun! There is no doubt that this once in a life time experience will give you the opportunity to learn a lot about yourself and develop skills that may surprise you. Have you got what it takes? Good spoken English is essential. You need to be healthy, adaptable, determined, mature in outlook, flexible, tolerant, patient, have a good sense of humour, ready for a challenge and want to make a difference. All ages, all walks of life … the greater the differences, the better.

Current Vacancies 

We ask volunteers to commit to Calcutta Rescue for between 6 to 12 months (but a minimum of 3 months will be considered in special circumstances). Due to a certain amount of administrative work involved in all roles, we ask that volunteers have good spoken and written English skills and are organised and confident communicators. Prior work experience in a developing country will be an advantage though not essential

Volunteer Role High Priority 2nd Priority Job Description
Volunteer Doctor   Click Here
Wound care/ Podiatrist   Click Here
Pharmacist   Click Here
Volunteer Nurse /Street Medicine Nurse   Click Here
School Health Nurse   Click Here
Disability   Click Here
Physiotherapist   Click Here
Midwife   Click Here.
Speech Therapist   Click Here
Administrator / volunteer co-ordinator   Click Here

There are a few opportunities for shorter-term volunteer placements for the people with the right skills and experience.

Short Term Volunteers i.e less than 3 months would only be used for discreet short-term pieces of work or projects, like impact studies on patient outcomes

How to Apply

All volunteers would have to have certain minimal level of recruitment checks. If you have a Calcutta Rescue support group in your country of residence then you should apply for any vacant posts through their recruitment contacts.

If you don’t have a Calcutta Rescue support group in your country then you can express an interest in volunteering by emailing us on

Recruitment Process

Stage 1: Application form or CV and letter of application will be requested to enable the recruitment team to see if your skills match the requirements for the volunteer post.

Stage 2: Interview in person or by telephone

Stage 3: References will be taken up for successful applicants and all qualifications etc. will be verified. Background checks will be carried out to check applicants’ suitability to work with children and vulnerable adults. Current Criminal Records Bureau certificate or equivalent if at all will be required.

Stage 4: An invitation letter confirming your placement will be sent.

Stage 5: Volunteers Information Pack will be sent out to you and if required will receive advice and support in applying for your visa.

Indian Volunteers

We are increasingly conscious that both local / Indian volunteers can make a great contribution to our work. Our projects run 6 days a week, Monday – Saturday. Maybe you have a morning a week you could spare to help us…. maybe a day, maybe two? Or maybe you live in another city but would like to give up some months to help your less fortunate fellow Indian? Maybe you are a student and have some holiday time to fill? Whatever you can give, would be much appreciated… not just by us, by those we help.
We are currently recruiting -

  • Those with Retail or Design experience for our Handicraft Project
  • Teachers
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Career Counsellors
  • English speakers to give informal conversation classes
  • Computer / IT specialist
  • However, if you do not fall into any of these categories but feel you have something to contribute towards Calcutta Rescue we shall certainly be happy to consider your application.
  • For further information email us at

Recruitment process

Stage 1: Your CV and letter of application will be requested to enable the recruitment team to see if your skills match the current needs of the organisation
Stage 2: Interview in person or by telephone
Stage 3: References will be taken up for successful applicants to check applicants’ suitability to work with children and vulnerable adults. Qualifications will be verified
Stage 4: If successful you will be informed of your volunteer placement and start date