"Think of giving not as a duty but a privilege" - John D Rockefeller Jr

Donations are the lifeblood of our work – quite simply, without them, we are unable to provide even the most basic of service to those in need. Most of our support comes from private individuals to whom our thanks are heartily and warmly extended.
So, no matter how large or small your donation, do know that it is always welcomed and will be used to good effect.


From every rupee Calcutta Rescue receives, 88 paisa is directly going to help its beneficiaries. Only 12 paisa is used to cover the administrative costs of the organization.

  • By contributing Rs. 1000 per month you can help provide treatment for a Diabetic patient requiring Insulin.
  • Your monthly contribution of Rs. 1500 can help educate a child in mainstream (formal) schools.
  • Contribute Rs. 1500 per month to provide dietary supplements for a malnourished child

Want to do more?

  • Contribute Rs. 6000 per month to support the treatment of a Extreme Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis patient.
  • Contribute Rs. 4500 per month to help a Blood Cancer patient.
  • By contributing Rs. 3000 per month a vulnerable child can go to a Boarding School for a better education and development as well.


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For donations using credit / debit card or net banking click:  Donate now

For direct bank transfer click : Rupee Donation Form

Cash donations can be made at the office :

4th Floor, 85 Collin Street,
Kolkata 700 016.
Ph: +91 (0)33 – 22175675 (fax/phone) or 22491520
6 days a week, 10.30 – 6 on completion of our Rupees Donation Form.

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Donations by cheque can also be done in any of our projects. -- Cheque issue in favour of "CALCUTTA RESCUE"